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This is a WordPress website it does not load like a HTML website. Please read the installation instructions below. There is also a .txt file with these instructions in your zip file.

Installation: Famous 5-minute install

There is a txt file to download after opening the zip file.

  1. Unzip the package in an empty directory and upload everything.
  2. Open wp-admin/install.php in your browser. It will take you through the process to set up a wp-config.php file with your database connection details.
    1. If for some reason this doesn’t work, don’t worry. It doesn’t work on all web hosts. Open up wp-config-sample.php with a text editor like WordPad or similar and fill in your database connection details.
    2. Save the file as wp-config.php and upload it.
    3. Open wp-admin/install.php in your browser.
  3. Once the configuration file is set up, the installer will set up the tables needed for your blog. If there is an error, double check your wp-config.php file, and try again. If it fails again, please go to the support forums with as much data as you can gather.
  4. If you did not enter a password, note the password given to you. If you did not provide a username, it will be admin.
  5. The installer should then send you to the login page. Sign in with the username and password you chose during the installation. If a password was generated for you, you can then click on “Profile” to change the password.

Updating – Using the Automatic Updater

If you are updating from version 2.7 or higher, you can use the automatic updater:

  1. Open wp-admin/update-core.php in your browser and follow the instructions.
  2. You wanted more, perhaps? That’s it!

Updating Manually

  1. Before you update anything, make sure you have backup copies of any files you may have modified such as index.php.
  2. Delete your old WordPress files, saving ones you’ve modified.
  3. Upload the new files.
  4. Point your browser to /wp-admin/upgrade.php.

Migrating from other systems

WordPress can import from a number of systems. First you need to get WordPress installed and working as described above, before using our import tools.

System Requirements

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or higher.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or higher.


  • PHP version 7 or higher.
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher.
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module.
  • HTTPS support.
  • A link to on your site.


Customer Support
Should you encounter any issues with this product
please contact me here:



1) After you login with the username, password above, you can go to Users >> Add New >> and create a new username such as your personal name, or whatever you like. You should ALSO change the password.
2) After you create your new user/password. Be sure to select “Administrator” at the Role dropdown section (at the bottom).
3) Log back in, this time with your NEW username/password
4) Go to Users, and DELETE the User of “admin” (admin that was used to originally login – see above)
5) When WordPress asks, just be sure to attribute all posts from admin (the one you are deleting) to your new name [ this is very important or you’ll lose your posts/pages! ]

– OR –

1) Go to Users and click “Edit” for the admin (should be the only user there)
2) Give it a new password, something difficult to guess.
3) ALWAYS write down your new username and password in a notepad file (or similar) and save in a folder on your desktop for future reference.
4) Click “Update Profile”

When you paid with PayPal you should have been directed to the password page with the weekly password. If you did not get the password then please email me at to get your pass word 

Hello: Thank you for your purchase, before you move to the download page, I want to let you know that once you land on the download page using your password there are no refunds. Thanks again and enjoy all of your free bonuses inside. – Russell

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